Age should be 16 or greater as of October 8th, 2020

Team Builder Experience

Health & Dietary Requirements

Event Details

Are you able to arrive onsite by 5pm on Wednesday, October 7th 2020?

Are you able to attend the WHOLE Event, from Thursday, October 8th - Sunday, October 11th?


Getting To Know You


Days are divided up into shifts - Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Late Night. Timings vary between the different teams. Team Builders will be assigned different shifts on different days.

  • We need to know whether your children have adequate supervision during the shifts that you'll be on duty before we can assign you a team. You must be responsible for arranging supervision for your children at all times.

Team Areas

Campsite Hosts

Stationed in our campsite, this team helps delegates set up their tents and camping areas, as well as ensure the safety and harmony of the campsite.

Children's Ministry

Serving in the children's ministry to deliver a fun, exciting and spirit-filled environment for the DT kids to encounter God. Previous experience with children's work is preferred. You will also be responsible for a potential background check fee $15.

Control Center

The Control Center is the hub of all the behind-the-scenes action at David’s Tent. This team requires good administration and organizational skills, as the team does any and all of the office-related activities onsite.

Event Drivers

This team will drive guests and various team members to and from the site during the event. They will also act as runners for any various errands that might come up. Please note, that a driver’s license is required and there may be some pre and post event transport involved.


Taking care of David’s Tent guests predominantly in our Guest Lounge. This team helps create a safe, enjoyable and peaceful atmosphere for both the guests and team.

Marketplace / Merch

We need both customer service and tech savvy people to assist with our Merch Stall and General Store sales, stock taking & re-stocking.


Make sure every delegate is registered as they arrive onsite. They also oversee our phone charging station and our info tent, providing answers to any general questions.

Set-up / Teardown

This team arrives on the Tuesday before the event in order to set up the site. This includes putting out chairs, moving items, stringing lights, etc. Please note that this team arrives early and leaves late on the Monday evening. You will not be working during the event itself.

Sound Tech

Our night stage has a small sound system that this team oversees, sets up and mans during any and all the night-time acoustic sessions, as well as the Breakout Sessions throughout the day. Please note that this team does require previous experience; please list your experience in the application.

Stage Production

Help transition bands on and off the stage, and offer whatever is needed to the bands while on. Please note that this team does require previous experience; please list your experience in the application.

Team Catering

Serving in the Team Catering space to provide hospitality to our beloved team builders. security and oversight of the meal delivery as well as relationship connection with team builders.


Predominantly serving in the main event area, Stewards are the doorkeepers of DT, checking wristbands and making sure everyone within the main event areas is safe and happy. Further info will be given regarding safeguarding in the main event area.

Emergency Contact


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